If you're looking for a more explosive driving experience, this might be your game!

No longer are you limited to flat surfaces. This game is here to put you in only the wildest driving scenarios, finding more thrills than your typical racing game. Each track is filled with dangerous shortcuts, but may just put you ahead in the next race - if you can find them. Cruise at speeds in excess of 200 MPH - No problem! Just be aware that it may take strategy; deciding what path to take and whether the risk is worth it. It's all up to you to decide who gets the golden cup, only in EXPLOSIVE DRIVE!

This game currently runs on a 64 bit Windows XP - 8 machine. It supports up to 8 players LAN and online.

If the server is for some reason not working, or you don't wish to give us your email, it's all good. Just head on over to gamejolt and search for this game. The download is only 150mb!

Stay tuned for huge improvements in the Special Edition game which is being redesigned from scratch! You can look forward to faster cars, and way better physics!

"Hope you enjoy this sweet game and if you liked it, please check back every so often as I may have some new stuff to show you soon."

- Mack (lead developer)


Special Edition Early Look

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What can we do to improve?

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