Download PC Beta

Download: Explosive Drive Beta

Platform: Windows7-8 64-Bit

Version: 1.0.5555.34084

Size: 148.46 MB

Description: This is the first public build of the game.

Known Bugs:
(1.) This build does not remember last song played in each level when using custom music files – a feature that is normally supposed to exist.
(2.) Occasional freeze-ups between loading/waiting screens. If the game freezes up on you, you can hit ctrl+shift+esc, under the Applications tab –> select Explosive Drive, then click End Task.

Here is the basics for controls:

Menu controls
X = confirm
C = go back
Esc = quit/leave the last screen
WASD = walk

Race controls
Arrow keys = steer
X = gas
C = brake
Z = activate Gyro-Balance (a special feature that lets you rev up your engine to produce rotational forces)

If you experience any problems, feel free to drop us a bug report using our contact form here.

If you enjoyed the game and would like to show your support, please check out our Indiegogo page here.

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